Summer learns little skill surely embryo of relaxed explosion proof 6 footwork

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Sorching summer, car tire is used below high temperature environment begin to become disturbed cent rises, become flat the accident happens from time to tome. According to not complete count, freeway because tire breakdown is caused,the traffic accident of 46% is, become flat only 70% what occupy accident gross.

The reason that causes a car to become flat is very much, for example tire aerates insufficient, have crackle, desquamate and other loss, or ungodliness of on business road, tire encounters the accident situation such as the thing with good needle.

The expert reminds everybody: Want to often notice only, finish following 6 footwork, can prevent easily to become flat the happening of incident.

   The first pace: Often detect tire exterior

Because summer air temperature is high, the wear intensity of tire decorative pattern is accelerated, once connect the decorative pattern mark inside tire groove to be ground,did not have, so, must change tire certainly, otherwise direction of the tire when drive a vehicle is flabby, next wet skid extremely easily, cause traffic accident.

In the meantime, sidewall suffers seasonable canvass wants after bumping, seeing tire go up is bubbly. If bubble, state sidewall ply ruptures, below the catalysis of high temperature, very incidental also become flat.

   The 2nd pace: Maintain tire standard atmospheric pressure

The life of tire and atmospheric pressure have very close relationship, the embryo presses too exorbitant, low metropolis to cause tire exceeding to wear away. The pressure that always pays close attention to him tyre can prevent tire ageing well, prevent to become flat the happening of the accident. But those who want an attention is, although be in standard pressure to fall, tire looks also is not full certainly, right now avoid by all means aerates at will.

   The 3rd pace: Dynamic balancing test is little not

When change or installing tire, must check through dynamic balancing, if the balance has a problem, may make side of tire inside and outside gets power not divide evenly, wear away inhomogenous, the crisis arises from this.

   The 4th pace: Notice the conversion of tire

To make car each tire wears away even, prolong its service life, want to carry out tire conversion by the regulation regularly, need as a result of what make steering wheel for example, front-wheel drive sidewall wears away more apparent than rear wheel. And often should use circular conversion method in the car of freeway travel, every travel is full 10 thousand kilometers have around diagonal exchange.

   The 5th pace: Fill nitrogen to tire

Fill up with dry nitrogen tire, avoid the problem of tyre pressure inadequacy and air moisture effectively, the security that can enhance drive a vehicle greatly thereby is spent. Nitrogen is a kind of inert gase, won't have as the change of temperature any change, reduced greatly become flat odds, still can prevent tire autoxidation and chap.
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