The VQ35DE engine that day produces

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The main characteristic of VQ series engine is light qualitative, efficient, quiet, low discharge, it is exclusive a %26ldquo; that obtains %26ldquo;Ward%26rsquo;s Auto World%26rdquo; of magazine of American authoritative car 11 years to issue continuously the engine of special honour of 10 beautiful engine %26rdquo; . And VQ35DE engine and before engine photograph reachs manufacturing technology than introducing achievement of more science and technology.

The cylinder body continue to use of VQ35DE engine VQ series 60%26deg;V mature design, the design of this angle made sure engine first-rate is basic already the height when dimension also made sure engine runs at the same time makes the same score stability, make thereby the quiet tone function of engine gets strengthening. Cylinder diameter journey is 95.5mm%26times;81.4mm, this dimension is VQ35DE place particular, although mix,what the engine that with series different platoon measures uses is same route, but the accretion as a result of cylinder dimension, the premise make known to lower levels that does not have big change in integral bulk comes different discharge capacity.

The piston does what the crock core place that moves up and down uses is the casting aluminium that embeds bar having casting, conduce to what reduce weight and retain crock core running smooth. The piston skirt of cylinder body covered the on half part of crankshaft, belong to half piston skirt type. If this structure is used alone, can arise shake and noise. The cylinder body of the VQ motor that uses here however, installed bearing reinforcement not only, in order to strengthen headstock lid (bearing crankshaft) intensity, and make oil with aluminium dish the below half part that covered crankshaft, ensured thereby of engine high-powered.

On the choice of production material, VQ35DE engine employed mass in great quantities lighter more solid however aluminium alloy material is qualitative, the gross weight that reduced engine successfully makes the underlying performance of engine gets strengthening. Wear away for effectively precaution, VQ35DE engine is in plating in skirt of main body of aluminium alloy piston molybdenum layer chafes with decreasing force, be in piston most upper part undertook alumina film is handled inside the chamfer of piston annulus, make of engine wear away fall to lowest.

Because used these new technologies, new technology, new material and excellent short stroke design, make VQ35DE engine reduced gross weight and size successfully. Concise structure and less spare parts amount, make work efficiency taller, accelerator reaction time is shorter, offerring smooth and powerful motive force to ensure halcyon result really.

V of VQ35DE engine since engine is double camshaft carrying buy on the head model. In the meantime, VQ35DE was used can change inspiratory cam freely (valve) a technology of CVTC(Continuous Valve Timing Control) that closes the position.

CVTC can allocate the oldest point of view with phasic gas is crankshaft 37%26deg; , but of the cover according to valve, inlet valve shut time, the torsional character that makes region rotates among engine is achieved optimal. Accordingly, even if the engine of same type, also can make its generation weight, gear-box, as poor as automobile body fast implement the torque that gear comparing matchs. Accordingly although sounds of nature 3.5, mix tastily expensive person the engine that carried VQ35DE likewise, but because move relatively different, dynamic output is not identical also.
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