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The structure of 3H automobile body of Mazda6 parts doorcase of two side car wears park to carry place on the head with the car, be similar in shape 3 abecedarian "H" , structure of 3H automobile body is strengthen automobile body structure, space of room of storehouse of the member that can assure to be multiplied after the storehouse before car engine and other place are out of shape is not sent invade be out of shape, protect with the oldest rate indoor the human nature of the member that multiply changes safety design. Automobile body of sex of 3 H tall steel is out of shape in local board thickness, plasticity the effect, absorb the hardness that hits ability and passenger cabin demand the advantage is had on index.

This structure in bodywork flank and coping have a reinforcement, make its are out of shape in local board thickness, plasticity the effect, absorb hit force and index of passenger cabin hardness to go up to have apparently safe advantage. Another important safety design in respect of automobile body structure, be before the deputy automobile body below cabin is tectonic, it is bumped to the front and flank have very outstanding suction can the effect.

In fact, manufacturer of almost all now car does not say plate thickness when publicizing the security of own product, emphasizing a structure however, emphasize 3H automobile body and collision sucking can technology. The automobile body design of Mazda6 achieved European new car to evaluate systematic NCAP4 the safe level of astral class. The protective action that needs to develop a gleam of in collision accident as a result of automobile body, mazda6 is so special the automobile body that designed structure of 3H complete frame, strengthened automobile body to be able to;burst;ulcerate;fester shrink forehead is sucked can the structure of the area, those who make can rapid and effective dispersive, absorb bump energy, your automobile body is firm soft and aid, do not be out of shape easily.

Automobile safety is the problem that consumer cares most. But show according to market research data, consumer is in car security on the understanding of this major problem, existing generally two big errors: Board is large the car that weighs with automobile body ability is safe. No matter be German car or American car, Japan car, when actually speed achieves 50 kilometers, 1.5 tons bodywork produces collision impact, plate thickness differs 0.1 millimeter to act well far from, plane fights concussion ability to do not have an influence basically to security. The safety factor with what truckload decision be so? It is a structure. It is truckload contain chase class to suck can reach fight change model the framework of ability is deciding safety performance. In what produce collision one instantly, bodywork the suction of front just can be the most important, because be sucked more as far as possible only can, ability ensures cab to not be out of shape, protect thereby drive by personnel.
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