Wet need not be afraid that 5 kinds of methods make rearview mirror clearer

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 1. adds outfit rain to block

Compare economic canal to use

Rain blocks general component to plant, one kind is to be stuck in rearview mirror upper part, another kind is inserted in the aperture of rearview mirror and casing. Before Pan Xudong suggests everybody had better choose one kind, install not only because of its very simple, and if think take out, can uncover directly, it is OK to do a few processings that divide glue next. If be a kind of rain after outfit,block, tearing open before packing, judge the ply that rain blocks not easily.

The rain that buys sometimes is blocked too thick, insert into the circumstance that cloggy rearview mirror can appear to turn after rearview mirror. The price that rain blocks is 20 yuan commonly - 50 yuan, contrast economy.

Comment on: In rain not be very big when, rain is blocked or very the canal uses, but in fresh gale heavy rain when, the action that rain blocks is met abate, but can assure rearview mirror at least 1/3 be clarity.

   2. outfit belt heats functional rearview mirror

The effect is good, cost is high

Change one's costume or dress rearview mirror or change to take heat functional rearview mirror, this kind of way is more efficient also, but cost is higher. The rearview mirror of the car with a few tall configuration is had heat function, can evaporate lunt.

The rearview mirror of some models can change directly, for instance treasure comes, its match car rearview mirror high to contain heat function, and mark matchs a car to be not taken, accordingly, treasure comes the car can be chosen directly install this kind to heat rearview mirror, the line in the car has taken beforehand, need not do any altering, but cost is higher, need 3000 yuan about.

If cannot be chosen,install, OK oneself change oneself costume or dress, add in rearview mirror install silk of a thick electric heat, this kind changes his costume or dress to need to alter commonly the original line inside a few cars. But this kind changes his costume or dress and do not apply to all cars. Because electric heat silk needs to heat, so if the electric machinery gear in rearview mirror is plastic is not iron, that cannot do this kind to change one's costume or dress. And, the car of a few low platoon quantities, for instance Xiali, also do not suit to do this kind to change one's costume or dress, because of the power summation of silk of electric heat of two rearview mirror, defrost of the window after be equivalent to implement power. After the car mount that low platoon measures, the power that can cause a car is insufficient.

   Agent of 3. drive water

The effect is differ

Agent of water of a few drive can be bought on market, have the effect that makes rearview mirror surface does not touch water, some products need 50 yuan every bottles about. But from use a circumstance actually to look, effect of general drive water agent is not very remarkable. Jiao Yang introduces, pluvial enemy prevents the %26ldquo; that he ever had used a kind of entrance mist agent %26rdquo; , the effect is very good, brush can last a month, and rain is bigger, lens range is more distinct. But the price of agent of water of this kind of drive is more expensive, every bottles need 800 yuan about.
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