Bumblebee and belle perform adversary to make fun of " be out of shape King Kong

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" be out of shape King Kong " (English name: Transformers) lifted King Kong of a %26ldquo; to heat up %26rdquo; in filmgoer since was shown last year, current, " be out of shape King Kong 2 " already left pat, this means what we will see we are familiar to mix more new-style super racing bike moves back and forth in ave lane.

And one of leading role that the nothing is more... than that we expect most gives limelight in upside %26ldquo; bumblebee %26rdquo; , is the part that this is prototype with model of Xue Folan Camaro in new piece what kind of show can the lieutenant general have? A few days ago, relevant personage had favour to film this brand-new model of edition changing a money films in film the series photograph of the spot, carry these pictures, we can be expressed to it existing roughly understanding.

Interesting is, the spot is mixed besides Camaro outside a flock of staff members, we hope to install %26middot; to pull Bo Fu without the partner that sees it, hero (Shia LaBeouf) the Fox of %26middot; of Mei Gen of %26ldquo; cummer %26rdquo; with him (Megan Fox) . Contrary, only new the shellfish of Sha of Australian actor Yi that join pulls %26middot; Lucas (Isabel Lucas) be in a field. Hearsay says, she will be in new piece in the Alice of %26mdash;%26ldquo; of college good friend that acts Labofu (Alice) %26rdquo; one horn.

Can see from the photograph, she and %26ldquo; bumblebee %26rdquo; will have a lot of adversary show, just do not know to take sport with a such belle, what can our %26ldquo; bumblebee %26rdquo; have at the appointed time more the performance that gives prize, we expect please!