Lotus will be exhibited in London car release car of Eco Elise concept

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Lotus company exhibits the London car that kicks off this month get on the car of concept of new fund environmental protection that releases to be based on Elise. This new car that calls Eco Elise pays close attention to not only reduce tail gas to discharge, and also pay attention to environmental protection function more in other side.

The configuration of %26rdquo; of green of a few %26ldquo; of this car includes automobile body use in the structure produce material continuously (Sustainable Materials) , include flax, zoology abb, pineapple hemp and lacquer of ability in swimming. Draw together of other square biscuit is light quantify automobile body and setting to go up in dashboard shift gear indication system, the purpose that designs this system is to ensure can reducing tail gas to discharge with oily bad news optimal when the dot has grade switch. The coping of this car still installed solar energy board, the auxiliary electron equipment that can think be deployed inside the car provides electric energy.

Use to assure %26ldquo; of lotus racing bike light the concept that quantifies automobile body to realize high-powered %26rdquo; is able to continue, the Elise S that the car of this Eco Elise compares standard edition again is light still 32 kilograms, this means this performance is higher than Elise S while the car is realizing lower fuel to use up. Lotus CEO Mack - Jinbaili (Mike Kimberley) say: %26ldquo;Eco Elise is lotus the example of technology of advanced green environmental protection. He still discloses %26rdquo; lotus will continue to push project of its green environmental protection.

Brief judge: Inside and outside of Eco Elise automobile body uses green to be able to circulate in great quantities material, reduced a car to weigh not only, continued to maintain high-powered, and make oily bad news and tail gas discharge capacity smaller, the partial design element that predicts this car can transplant to go up to lotus racing bike of future.

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