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Our Ceng Jian passes to wait for the model of green environmental protection that is fuel drive with wind, water, solar energy, but this is first support imagination comes probably the car of drive. Of course, if you browsed IMiEV website carefully, you can notice the paper carve on the website possibly one column.

This is one is IMiEV of 3 water chestnut only (also include other model of 3 water chestnut) fan people the place that copies download PDF file. Undertake printing to these PDF files next, cut out, fold and agglutinate, shape finally to confuse your edition for a of IMiEV report motor-car.

These 3 beauty confuse your car delicately to look completely consistent, every have the motivation of infinite quantity and rate. You need only gently mobile they, they accuse a gender to pass through with respect to OK and perfect drill the obstacle on road surface. We hope these confuse you electric car can be coordinated between each other, and more quiet, because we embrace some cars to be able to install a few meetings now,issue the unit of noise, the noise that these device give out often lets us headache.

These paper make a car want to take care to come from a few menace of the outside, for instance a few large felid or a few small-sized biology may confuse these your car considers as mice by accident.