Mobile enlighten the car of Ao Di concept of hall stylist the wording and purpos

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Because of the existence of the car, our life and job become provide efficiency more, and since the car be born the job that begins it also includes to carrying people to arrive outskirts amuse oneself, loosen the mood. Respecting drives go on a journey oneself, are you right oneself car Where is what kind of requirement? The automobile body of SUV, boot is quite big, must have skylight, those who believe you think of above all is these.

Nevertheless besides, car stylist of future still thought of for you more of %26ldquo; romance %26rdquo; , this is the car that can sing. We think it is distinctive, because,be such design not only can oneself are enjoyed, OK still with the friend outside the car it is to driving even the friend of same pattern model comes in outskirts together a PARTY!

Recently, the model of prospective Ao Di in coming from the student of institute of Czech art center to reveal his eye to us. Resemble in front what I mention, so that pass outskirts,this car has the automobile body like SUV those abominable roads besides; The enjoyment that at the same time wide panoramic glass scuttle can let you are satisfied the numerous star of summer.

The sound system that the car back in it just becomes independent one group can let lively music is full of all round whole vehicle, if you are willing to return can acoustics moves the place with him the closest distance, and, through blue tooth connective a few models also can broadcast identical music at the same time, comprise a %26rdquo;%26mdash;%26mdash; of lively happy field of %26ldquo; open air how? A such originality are very cruel!

Because this model is not,come from Ao Di government, because of his design whether whether does the stylist that final implementation is about to see Ao Di value it euqally. I think, even if such originality cannot 100 percent become reality, hope to be able to be seen by more manufacturers in respect of a few window at least so, in appearing finally in the quantity beside us to produce a model.