Head of chunk of natant prodigy infatuation Feierpusi draw exposure

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Up to on August 17, feierpusi of 23 years old is picked already easily on Beijing competition ground 8 gold, 6 when add Athenian Olympic Games, 14 gold in his bursa make he makes gold of hundred years Olympic Games the first person.


The Feierpusi that having good name of %26rdquo; of %26ldquo; natant prodigy is born in Baltimore, native place is the United States, birthday is on June 30, 1985. He ever had attended the Sydney Olympic Games 2000 and the Athenian Olympic Games 2004 respectively, had won 6 gold and 2 bronze medal respectively.

Feierpusi is very self-assured boy, although he is not returned this year, but the tone is not little however, he thinks what to there is on this world impossible, as a result true still Rangfeierpusi gives if really accomplished. The man on August 13 in match of 200 meters of crawl, feierpusi does not lose popular confidence with 1 minute of 42 seconds the achievement of 96 gains the championship easily, and still broke this world record. And the imagination that Feierpusi's glamour also exceeded people greatly, be in the match that day, connect American president Bush and family to be Feierpusi to cheer boost the morale of to the spot personally even.

American president Bush

Feierpusi is active service drive %26mdash;%26mdash;KaidilakeKaileide

Like most American, feierpusi likes the %26rdquo;%26mdash;%26mdash;SUV of %26ldquo; chunk head in those cars very. What so Feierpusi leaves now is a Kaidilakekaileide. This car is Feierpusi from secondhand the market is cleaned out those who come back, although before car advocate the time that open is not long, and the car is newer also. But Feierpusi buys this Kaileide came home to begin to change one's costume or dress, add inside the car for instance installed liquid crystal TV, still be given X-BOX to rectify by Feierpusi even go in.

Feierpusi and love car

Kaileide reflected the brand drive that stride of a person of extraordinary powers takes Kaidilake. Since generation came out 1998, kaileide becomes complete function to exceed the pioneer of luxurious SUV, 2001, brand-new the 2nd acting product of the design deploys the indicative position that establishs its brand with more distinct personality and banner science and technology. To 2005, kaileide adds up to in the United States sale 236, 007, acquired the market of American luxurious SUV of 36% . And the 3rd Dai Kailei heart that horizontal in March 2006 sky is born, more with turning up one's nose at the engine of 6.2LVortec V8 VVT of compeer, outstanding trends is held accuse function, grand inside the exterior of bully gas and homage accumulate of the summit summit that connotation makes complete function exceed luxurious SUV make. Because this plants this Feierpusi,the disposition of extremely conceited loves a car with his very suit.
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