Ten million of Zhu Fang rain is luxurious motorcade grabs a bride

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Last night, rain of Zhu Fang of the first archer completed exterior line of Chinese male goal he serves as the %26mdash;%26mdash; of the most important shoot a basket in man lifetime to marry. The Dongguan last night grand capacity audience of far hotel high friend, the most important in witnessing Zhu Fang rain and life of bridal Hu Mei together momently, actually everybody does not know, midnight of day of Zhu Fang a kind of green tea grabbed new a form of address for one's wife at 12 o'clock come back, of course price is not small also, for this he prepared %26hellip;%26hellip; of 100 red bags

Bridal moustache beautiful data

Full name: Hu Mei (Hu Mei)

Sexual distinction: Female

Birthday: 1987.4.9

Native place: Guangdong

Height: 1.73 meters

Weight: 53 kilograms

Project: Artistic gymnastics began artistic and gymnastic training in Liuzhou gymnastics school 1994, entered group of industry of Shenzhen city system 1997, entered line of national art gymnastics 2001.

Ten million is luxurious 100 red bags receive motorcade close

A SUV of banquet of card of 4 the nimble when protecting, nimble when protecting the harbor of top class W12(in A8 of a 911 racing bike, Ao Di card) , run quickly a SLK racing bike, Lu Hu is seen get the better of abundant of a SUV, new fund, the motorcade that these 11 cars comprise is showing Huang Dengbiao together gallop the street in late night Dongguan, right, this was yesterday the motorcade when the newly-married wife moustache that rain of before dawn Zhu Fang receives him is beautiful.

If %26ldquo; is in Hong Yuanhe China now according to Zhu Fang rain the position of basket altar, motorcade should discharge 5 kilometers to grow %26hellip;%26hellip;%26rdquo; a player family member plaints.

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