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National regulation: Motor-driven car must danger of responsibility of accept insurance a third party, that is to say danger of responsibility of a third party is sure to plant to need.
Its main effect is, in produce traffic postaccident to facilitate corresponding processing. Did not deal with the motor vehicle of danger of responsibility of a third party to must not go up license plate or yearly check.

Danger of responsibility of a third party is to point to: The eligible driver that insurant allows produces contingency in process of use insurance car, those who cause a third party to undergo person casualties or worth is direct mar, the indemnity that ought to pay by insurant lawfully, the regulation of contract of insurance of underwriter according to offers compensation. But the deal with problems arising from an accident that produces because of the accident works, be in charge of handling by insurant.

Of danger of responsibility of a third party every time highest maximum indemnity norm divides the accident a compensatory class: 50 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan, 200 thousand yuan, 500 thousand yuan, 1 million yuan, 1 million yuan of above. Its insurance expenses is 800 yuan respectively, 1040 yuan, 1250 yuan, 1500 yuan, 1650 yuan, insurant can choose to cast of one's own accord protect.

Cast protect 3 person danger, stem from different situation and consideration, can choose different class.

Dinkum for check car: You oneself can repair a car possibly to perhaps build a car very convenient, and car place is very safe, because national rigid sets,insurance is only on, then you all can choose 50 thousand yuan of this one class. Such assurance that you spend least Qianlaida to arrive purpose. And 50 thousand yuan limitation to average car accident, be enough normally.

Most economy: Want to achieve %26ldquo; of first-rate %26ldquo; performance/price ratio, suggest you choose 100 thousand yuan of this one class, above all its insurance cost is controlled 200 yuan than tower above of 50 thousand yuan of this first gear only, and compensatory specified amount is spent raise 50 thousand yuan. And an average car if upkeep costs exceeded 100 thousand yuan, then it basically also discarded as useless.