The car is sure to cast what item should notice when protecting

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The first, not repeat cast protect.
Some policy-holder flatter oneself casts a few to protect more, can make the car that be protected much portion reparations. According to " insurance law " the 40th regulation: The insurance amount summation that repeats assurance exceeds insurance value, the summation of the indemnity of each underwriter must not exceed insurance value. Accordingly, although policy-holder repeats,cast protect, also won't get exceeding value reparations.

The 2nd, not cast above quota protect or deficit is cast protect.
Some cars advocate, obviously car value 100 thousand yuan, drop the insurance that defended 150 thousand yuan however, think floriferous money pays with respect to can much compensate; And some car value 200 thousand yuan, cast however protected 100 thousand yuan. These two kinds are cast protect cannot get effective safeguard. According to " insurance law " thirtieth sets 9 times: Insurance amount must not exceed insurance value, exceed insurance value, exceeded share is invalid. Insurance amount under insurance value, outside having an agreement additionally except the contract, the underwriter assumes liability to pay compensation according to the scale of insurance amount and insurance value. Cast above quota so protect, deficit is cast protect cannot acquire additional interest.

The 3rd, Mo Bao does not conserve nearly.
Some cars advocate to save insurance cost, want to guarantee a few kinds of a place difficult of access less, perhaps guarantee car caustic a place difficult of access only, do not guarantee a place difficult of access of responsibility of a third party; Perhaps protect only advocate danger, do not protect additional risk to wait. Actually each danger is planted have respective insurance responsibility, if true car has an accident, insurance company can assume insurance liability to give compensate to pay according to the insurance contract that concludes at the outset only, and car advocate a few otherer the loss has to be less than compensation likely.

The 4th, notice seasonable add is protected.
Some cars advocate after insurance contract expires cannot seasonable add is protected. But something unexpected may happen any time, in case car is in these days gave an accident, be to regret late?

The 5th, insurance policy of serious check and approve card.
Since April 1, 1999, the whole nation unites use China to protect inspect to be able to unite the insurance policy card of supervise the manufacture of, original the card of congener and blank sheet that each insurance company prints removes disuse from May 1, 1999. When you receive insurance policy card, must check seriously, card reading sheet triplex whether to use white to print and add Yin Jianhe color to prevent bogus ground lines without carbolic carbon, whether does its top left corner imprint %26ldquo; China is sure to supervise model of written characters of %26ldquo; of administrative committee supervise the manufacture of, whether does top right corner imprint %26ldquo; is restricted to be saved in Xx (city, municipality) sale %26ldquo; model of written characters, if can not reject autograph sheet.
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