How to buy car insurance car to be sure to cast maintain common sense

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How to buy car insurance:
Except already had mentioned what should seek normal insurance company to do business place or the insurance company clerk that get affirming deal with insurance outside, in buying safe course, choosing bought safe sort and amount also is crucial.

Above all, danger of responsibility of a third party is countrywide most province, city, municipality a place difficult of access that statutory requirement guarantees is planted. Car caustic danger can be the safeguard that be offerred by the attaint of insurance car oneself. On this foundation, ability chooses the additional risk of other to plant, be like: Pilfer rush to deal with an emergency, glass is alone and broken matter of carry cargo of danger of danger, the responsibility on the car, car drops responsibility danger is waited a moment. If can be protected plant nearly protect entirely neat, so the safeguard that insurant gets is the most comprehensive also, but because be to press,plant nearly reach those who keep the specified number is different collect fees, a place difficult of access that guarantees so is planted more, requires insurance premium is more also. Accordingly, according to the model different, combine the need of oneself, a place difficult of access that the choice needs partly is planted cast protecting also is a kind of logical way.

The insurance amount of car how is Mo decided?
The insurance amount of car purchases valence to decide according to new car. The insurance amount of car loss danger, can press cast protect stylish car value or real value to decide. Also can talk things over by insurant and underwriter affirmatory, but insurance amount must not exceed insurance value, disable partly more than.

Cast protect danger of driver, passenger to have key
Driver passenger accident is harmed is not to must cast a place difficult of access that guarantee to plant nearly, you can choose to cast according to actual condition protect:    
1, if your car basically has one only,the individual takes: Namely driver, can cast only keep a seat. Insurance premium is 90 yuan.
2, the car that is like you often has 2 or the person of 2 above is taken, OK 5 are cast entirely protect, every 50 yuan, aggregate 250 yuan; If be cast only,protect 2, every 90 yuan, aggregate 180 yuan. Compare and character, still be 5 are cast entirely protect economical.
3, if often drive or the person of the car that takes you, had dropped the injury insurance outside keeping the person idea of other type, do not have necessary throw narrow pass of the harm outside keeping driver passenger idea again, because repeat assurance,be invalid.

Is danger of responsibility of a third party cast protect tens of thousands of appropriate?
Danger of responsibility of a third party of each insurance company is at present optional 50 thousand yuan, 100 thousand yuan, 200 thousand yuan, 500 thousand yuan, 1 million yuan wait 6 class are cast protect. Insurance cost is 1040 yuan respectively, 1300 yuan, 1500 yuan, 1730 yuan, 1820 yuan wait. Protect 100 thousand yuan more appropriate, average issue onetime capital can be dealt with. Protect 50 thousand yuan to be nodded less slightly. Bagatelle reason is used quite, the accident of old a bit is insufficient compensate. That drives with respect to the requirement should take care at any time, do not bump costly. It is basically OK to protect 200 thousand yuan have nothing worry about. But must not intended cause trouble, in that way insurance company is met of rejecting claims. Our advice is: Danger of responsibility of a third party is protected more as far as possible a bit, not when insufficient compensate when just regret to was not protected more bit.
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