Summarize the program of accept insurance of business of motor-driven car insura

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Summarize the program of accept insurance of business of motor-driven car insurance.
Of insurance application fill in. Each content fills in according to the facts by policy-holder item-by-item below the guidance of insurance application of motor-driven car insurance in the clerk. Fill in end, sign an order by policy-holder and make clear fill in date. The reverse side of insurance application has paste bid film photograph, engine and number of frame date inscription rubbing and column of check car report.
(2) the nucleus is protected, namely clauses of car of concerned law of state of according to of the member that insurance company nucleus is protected, motor-driven and relevant business regulation, inside accredit limits, make according to each company " the nucleus protects detailed rules " , mix to policy-holder cast the risk element that keeps motor-driven car to undertake discriminating, evaluate, decision whether accept insurance and cost leads accept insurance with what kind of. Include:
(1) the nucleus that only evidence, clause, cost leads is protected. The nucleus of only evidence is protected basically include test and verify and check car; The provision that the nucleus defends and cost rate declare the motor-driven car clauses that issues via protecting inspect to be able to be approved and cost rate regulations for each insurance company, cost leads the insurance application that fills in according to policy-holder, by " motor-driven car premium rate is expressed " , the factor such as the sort that keeps car according to casting, use property is certain.
(2) insurable the nucleus of the interest is protected. Whether is the member that the nucleus is protected should check policy-holder or insurant had to car insurable interest, be sure especially the happening of mark is rented, make over, turn annul, sell off, when the circumstance such as guaranty, the nucleus protects a person to authority asks business agency staff offers concerned policy-holder to reach send the detailed risk material that keeps car, in order to find out policy-holder or insurant insurable whether does the interest exist.
(3) of the financial condition of policy-holder and insurant and mark before the nucleus that the loss records is protected. The management case that the nucleus defends personnel to must understand policy-holder, insurant and management style, in order to decide accept insurance condition. In addition, the member that the nucleus is protected still must establish the risk record of insurant, of entry insurant before loss circumstance, cast in order to limit the policy holder that condition of serious, car needs the loss protect.
(4) protect to the nucleus of the classification of the risk of mark. The member that the nucleus is protected wants a foundation when the nucleus is protected of mark risk rate decision is normal accept insurance, add conditional accept insurance or refus to protect.
(5) the nucleus of insurance amount, maximum indemnity norm is protected. Press the motor-driven car new car that weaves every year to purchase tariff check and ratify to the insurance amount of car loss danger, be sure in order to prevent above quota. Carry to using the professional camp of 3 years of above of the car loss danger of car keep the specified number, protect the 80% in the limit of of the real value of markers in order to cast. Right large and medium-sized the car of passenger car and locomotive and dangerous article, danger of responsibility of proper limitation a third party maximum indemnity norm.
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