Ningxia is secondhand car town is bleak

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By Department of Commerce, the Ministry of Public Security, country industrial and commercial total bureau of total bureau, national tax Wu releases jointly " two handcart are current administrative measure " apply since October 1. Reporter from Yinchuan city secondhand car market understands, at present the concerned detailed rules of Ningxia is being made in, everybody is waiting %26ldquo; the place comes on stage specific %26quot; detailed rules %26quot; , present clinch a deal the quantity is particularly little. %26rdquo; trades in two handcart of Yinchuan city the Zhang Li that the market is engaged in two handcart managing says.

■ business of two handcart market is affected

Two of Zhang Li secondhand Fu Kang car has traded in Yinchuan city old motor vehicle market place full a month, had not sold go out. He is a little anxious: Go down so again, I should have a deficit 4000 multivariate.

The reporter was encountered in Ningxia car macrocosm old car trades the Wang Jun that the market sees a car, he tells a reporter, hear trade cost of change the name of owner in a register wants to cancel, but the specific detailed rules of Ningxia has not come out, he just turns, see prices. Come from Ningxia 3 old motor vehicle trade the circumstance reaction of the market, since the closest period of time, on the market clinch a deal quantity comparing is former little a lot of. %26ldquo; consumer is awaiting, operator also is awaiting. %26rdquo; some is old motor vehicle trades the chief of the market says.

■ trade duty replaces change the name of owner in a register to trade cost

When two handcart trade now, %26ldquo; is not evaluated commonly. %26rdquo; Ningxia old motor vehicle trades the Zhou Yi of two handcart intermediary says the market. Since " two hand wagon flow open administrative way " since applying, cancelled to evaluate a system compulsively to two hand car, execute commonly in trade evaluate of one's own accord, both sides can look for a tripartite to evaluate a company to undertake assessment to car, also need not be evaluated and do business directly. Such since, the car price that pay wants when evaluating of 2.5% trade cost (or call change the name of owner in a register cost) nonexistent. Zhang Li cited a case to the reporter: If the price of a car is 100 thousand yuan, so pay wants after trade cost of 2500 yuan change the name of owner in a register. %26ldquo; in principle says, this practice is to suffer for certain broad and secondhand car operator and consumer gay. %26rdquo; Yinchuan city some is old motor vehicle trades the chief of the market says.

However, make them only then makings not as good as is, cost of change the name of owner in a register cancelled, had again trade duty. Since October 1, trade in 3 of Yinchuan old motor vehicle the bill that enables the whole nation to unite is united on the market. Old motor vehicle of Ningxia car macrocosm trades the controller of the market saw bill kind to the reporter. %26ldquo; actually, change the name of owner in a register is expended and did not cancel, compare instead original 2.5% taller. %26rdquo; some is old motor vehicle trades the controller of the market tells a reporter, they used unified bill October hind, should hand in than 2.5% higher value added tax.
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