Two handcart market rectifies Yinchuan whole good order

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From hall of municipal business affairs understanding arrives before, through rectified Yinchuan city two handcart market trades well-ordered, trade the quantity is compared the corresponding period grew 17.5 % last year, still drove the development that new car trades at the same time.

As we have learned, yinchuan city begins to trade to two handcart from June the market began by a definite date of 3 months special reorganize an activity, the key is banned curbstone, investigate without according to manage, blow %26ldquo; car holds %26rdquo; and %26rdquo; of %26ldquo; Hei Niu in the palm. Since punish, at present 3 old motor vehicle of Yinchuan city trade the market is used entirely trade unifiedly proof, to before state-owned asset car does business, be being evaluated, trade strictly program, verify is illuminated not complete, expire, those who expire discard as useless car, do sth without authorization changes his costume or dress car, be suspected of contrabanding larcenous car to wait not to grant to trade stoutly. Yinchuan city industrial and commercial bureau trades in every market arrangement executes the law personnel, trade to car formalities undertakes strict test and verify, to according with trading terms, in trade seal of test and verify is built on the proof, trade by this the proof deals with formalities of car transfer ownership to public security mechanism.