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Total fleet of gumshoe of Public Security Department of the Gansu Province andSilverCity public security bureau holds 9 %26middot; of %26ldquo; jointly in silver city 27 %26rdquo; especially big pilfer grabs press conference of case of motor vehicle gang, the case of the Gansu Province is the biggest steel car gang since founding a state is accused broken, police passes 100 days of assault fortified positions, the 14 crime suspect of a steel car gang that comprises by vehicle repair labour is seized, 56

On September 1, public Security Department of the Gansu Province labels this record provincial superintend and director to handle a case, on September 27, the Ministry of Public Security labels this record superintend and director of the Ministry of Public Security to handle a case again. On September 28 morning, case group know basically commits a crime suspect Shi Xiaogang hides Jing Yuan, immediately, detachment of detachment of gumshoe of silver city public security bureau grows Li Zhongyi to assemble the same night of 20 member that investigate is driven go to Jing Yuan. Afternoon 3 when, when Shi Xiaogang sends cummer to go to work by motorcycle, be in pacify Yuan Xinhua is captured at the door guesthouse. Classics dash forward careful, shi Xiaogang still explained blessing of young of Guo Honglin, Wang Xinghu, gold, Jiao Tangkai to wait for 6 to be the same as case suspect. Case group organizes each district of 6 groups leave for different destinations to carry out capture. Up to on September 30 afternoon 4 when, already 5 crime suspect is mixed in NingxiaGansu ProvinceLanzhou is captured in succession. And the difficult problem that captured guilty suspect Jiao Tangkai to become the job. On October 2, do not wear afore village, hind do not wear below the circumstance of inn, mao Yu of case group policeman crouchs defend 3 days of two night, hungry unplug carrot allay one's hunger. Final, the Jiao Tangkai that has suicidal idea is spread 20 lis in Jing Yuan county be seized.

Recover all 56 by steel car

After major crime suspect is brought to justice, a person of Ningxia sea former county that is called Yue Dai is locked up to decide by case group again, according to be being explained with case suspect, he is the personnel of the biggest disposal of stolen or contraband goods of this gang, sell via his hand go out be amounted to 31 by steel car. It is reported, because Yue Dai of 42 years old is long-term drug taking nurturance the habit that night of day hot season gives, at any time stock razor blade from incomplete tool, capture difficulty quite big. There is heavy rain to crouch inside the remains that Li Zhongyi guides a policeman to be on the side of his home defended a day of two night. On October 2 midday 11 when, high mountain the wife opens the door when make water, two member that investigate are rapid and irruptive inside house, jiang Yuedai is seized, other accomplice also was captured on October 4 in succession. Via checking, this steel car gang that just waited for person composition by dawn of vehicle repair man-hour commits the crime 54 cases in all, steel car 56, total case is worth more than yuan 400.
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