The Ministry of Public Security supervises and direct steel car big case is accu

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Approval of mechanism of ground procuratorial work is arrested, pursue and wipe out is suspected of a car 56.
On August 18, 2005, the member that detachment of gumshoe of silver city public security bureau is investigated gets in the job clew says, somebody trades around factory of silver area cotton spinning two handcart, the Sang Dana car with a good quality did not deal with car business formalities already, the price is very cheap also. This one unusual appearance causes the vigilance of punishment detect personnel instantly, hind undertake investigating discovering via the bilateral party to this car, this car is by steel car, those who sell a car is Li Mou of staff of can peaceful membership and Zhang Mou. Mixed 25 days on August 23, li Mou and Zhang Mou are mixed in Lanzhou respectively be captured in succession on the west surely, two crime suspect is offerred not only narrate them to ever committed the crime for many times, and still show bigger details of a case fully. On September 1, province Public Security Department labels this record provincial superintend and director to handle a case. On September 27, the Ministry of Public Security labels this record superintend and director of the Ministry of Public Security to handle a case again. After this, the Wu Wei of Shaanxi of silver police fight in some places one by one, Ningxia, Qinghai and Gansu Province, calm on the west, day water and other places, the journey counts a kilometer, arrest guilty suspect 14, uncover case of larcenous motor vehicle 54 cases, car of pursue and wipe out 56, among them experience case car 39, the others 17 cars are changed as a result of car information be among further check.