Yinchuan of price alliance standard is secondhand car city

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On July 2, the Laozhang that does two handcart business is leaving to just vend the Sangdana that come, turned Ningxia old motor vehicle trades old motor vehicle of center, Yinchuan trades old motor vehicle of the market and Ningxia car macrocosm trades the market, wanting to want to nod car price drive up originally, disappointed still and return. Begin from June, 3 of Ningxia old motor vehicle trade the market rises jointly, execute price alliance collaboration to manage, each unified trading a variety of charge of the market. The personage inside course of study says, the old motor vehicle of Ningxia was handed in on the road to the standard to stride one stride.

Allied: Unite the price

Before this, ningxia old motor vehicle trades old motor vehicle of city of center, Yinchuan trades old motor vehicle of the market and Ningxia car macrocosm trades the market 3 old motor vehicle trade all sorts of prices of the market and charge are skimble-scamble, the issue that brings from this also the layer goes not group. Through the joint efforts of 3 markets, formed unanimous opinion finally: Car advocate perhaps trade square no matter arrive,which market does business, 3 trade according to old car of same standard collection duty, to the building inside the market the price that rent, car trades the respect such as the price undertook unity. And be opposite trade of car trade appraisal of formalities, certificate, lawful sex, put an end to the management that trades inside curbstone, market to register undertook unity.

Two handcart market trades confused

Two handcart market trades the main reason that the disorder is price alliance. A person that do not be willing to disclose the two handcart market control of the full name tells a reporter: %26ldquo; is almost all the two hand car that trade in Yinchuan can be early or late on 3 markets undertake appraisal trades. Same a two handcart, appraised price of affirmative meeting option and trade the market with high price. %26rdquo; mutual the increase competition between makes 3 markets trade medium in old motor vehicle company of broker of the expenses of building of duty, market that rent, two handcart relevant collect fees the price is skimble-scamble, have have high low, formed the state of a kind of malign competition. This is caused for the market without card, without according to management %26ldquo; Hei Niu %26rdquo; broker company offerred a condition.

According to not complete count, trade in 3 the normal broker company in the market has more than 60 more than 100 people only, and company of broker of %26rdquo; of %26ldquo; Hei Niu has nearly 500 people however. Agent of these %26rdquo; of %26ldquo; Hei Niu wander at 3 markets, collect fees in disorder, drive up car price, through these they buy a car, the interest of the person that buy cannot get any safeguard, affected the interest of buyers and sellers badly, affected the figure of the market and interest badly also at the same time. %26ldquo; we also are to do not have method really, only 3 combination rise uniform price, ability protects the interest of buyers and sellers, protect the interest of market of 3 two handcart at the same time. The chief of %26rdquo; some market says.
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