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Since " evening paper car " after print gives the information that two handcart register, we received the advisory telephone call of a lot of readers. They are right of two handcart trade, evaluate, identify wait for a topic to care very much. For this, we this period special roll out this draft, the hope is in at present the old car of field of the Chengdu City chooses, buy and trade wait for a respect to provide a few useful information for you.

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Old car is evaluated is bottleneck market trades safer

What consumer does not have a bottom most is of old car car condition problem, because this is,do not have method to observe through naked eye. The Chengdu City is industrial and commercial bureau directly under a staff member weighs place of market control of 2 substation old motor vehicle, car advocate sell and agency sell on commission is secondhand car, the assessment that needs justice process, if can outspread go up to after service, consumer is bought more was at ease. Ceng Qinghong of Motor Corporation vise general manager is in this Guangzhou cropland the speech points out during the two meetings this year, the information that establishs two handcart to trade approves dew system, protect two handcart to trade the person's rights and interests, at the same time car brand agency should build system of two handcart certificate of quality, offer guarantee service, remove consumer apprehension.

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, look from circumstance of car developed country, the bicycle profit of two handcart should be gotten higher than new car much, old car gain can amount to 24 % , and two handcart profit of domestic are in only commonly 8 % left and right sides. Policy is old old, lack sincere letter, trade non-standard, charge crosses advanced element to restricting our country the development of two handcart market.

An Lijie (Feng Tian) Hu Bing of manager of two handcart business introduces Chinese area, l of l of e of w of t of r of British H a Motor Corporation, as a result of it perfect data is registered, maintenance log and trade record, make the new old car of this company trades very exuberant. Live for a long time in the a of North America, i of V i v that lives in Wengehua at present n proposal, trade in old car respect, agency but with the agreement that buy the home, if this car appeared a few breakdown that appear possibly potentially, brand agency can assume one part upkeep costs, car advocate oneself also should bear one part cost. This part cost that brand agency bears, can be in when buying this car, deduct from inside the car section of on one user, serve as an insurance cost to use, assured bilateral benefit well so.

Course of study sound of the %26middot; inside %26middot; %26middot; sound

Old car accelerates car condition newlier to go up generally beautiful

Chengdu old motor vehicle trades vise general manager of market Wang Yuanming plaints, the model of market of Chengdu city old car is at present basic as synchronous as new car, trade of car enter a time shorter and shorter, variety is richer and richer, the new car that appear on the market does not go two, 3 months, akin model is sold in old car market, its price is new car only 8 into the left and right sides. Time of the card on before is very short the car that trades has trouble as a result of the car more or had given grave accident, and come one year recently, the traffic growth that card time is in 9 years on is rapid, the face has %26rdquo; of a few kinds of circumstances here, wang Zong introduces: %26ldquo; is a car advocate love the new and loathe the old, want to transfer to dispose of old car; 2 it is a car advocate go the other place works or living to handle old car, although make over the pecuniary loss of new car bigger, car advocate still hope to sell quickly change now. Altogether, trade car quality and quality promote generally. %26rdquo;
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