Those who want vigilant car to rent bilk " black hole "

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On January 12, 2005, on April 14, mixed on April 28 on April 30, guo Mou is in Yinchuan city such-and-such a group of things with common features the car company that rent rented east wind Ailishe, treasure comes to car of Xue Tielong series car, Ford handsome car of Mengdiou and southeast water chestnut in all 4 cars. After car lease, because of Guo Mou cannot seasonable consign hire, the company that rent prepares to stop a car, this ability discovers Guo Mou to already came to Xue Tielong car and treasure car guaranty gave Yinchuan city to promote the Jin Mou that celebrates an area, southeast water chestnut handsome guaranty gives stone mouth the Zhao Mou of hill, ford guaranty gives Mengdiou to always could there be county always benefit consign for sale on commission goes. In addition this year on Feburary 13, the biscuit of cup of a gold of this company by Lin Mou bilk; On June 12, zhang Mou rents nimble to amount to a car to this company, security informed Zhang Mou of the company that rent to already gave another person car pledge after. And be in early last year in October, a treasure of this company comes the car is given He Lan county by Gu Mou guaranty director of one Agriculture Bank.

Not come singly but in pairs, on March 7, 2005, some limited company that rent and Wang Mou signed Ningxia " book of the car contract that rent " , wang Mou hired nimble of a white to amount to a car, lease is a month. On March 19, wang Mou amounts to a car with white nimble to this company again too old for, the demand replaces the nimble with a car good condition amounts to a car, the personnel of the company that rent was dealt with for its change formalities signed a contract, changed a nimble amounts to a car. After termination of contract, when finding Wang Mou via setbacks when the person all previous of the company that rent, wang Mou says to already gave He Lan the Zhou Mou of the Agriculture Bank car pledge.

On August 12, 2004, ma Mou hired Yinchuan city some is suitable amount to a car to rent a treasure of company to come car, in those days in September, this car is given Ma Mou of Wu Zhong city by guaranty. Hard thinking fors the time being

In October 2004, yinchuan city is such-and-such a group of things with common features a treasure comes to the car limited company that rent the car is considered after some bilk, this company reports a case to the security authorities to police instantly, police arrested Gu Mou through doing a large number of works, but car was not recovered up to now. After guilty suspect Guo Mou mortgages the 4 cars bilk of this company, this company is in report a case to the security authorities while, still organize company staff to go into the street search car, discover in area of the Western Xia regime by the southeast water chestnut of bilk after handsome car, company staff is dialed instantly 110, below the policeman's assistance, recover this car. Current, guo Mou was seized, but the others 3 cars were not recovered up to now. And additionally two this company cars, suspect of a bilk is captured, one is not brought to justice, but a car also was not recovered. When accepting a reporter to interview, mr Li tells company controller the reporter, his company always shares 60 cars, be not cheated 7 to a year of time, recovered only. A lot of car of his company mortgages loan to be bought, every month wants 80 thousand yuan to return a bank. Very one of car is cheated, of the tall He Weiquan of company management cost can be imagined hard.
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