Limit of Ningxia car trade subsidies to 1.8 million

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Reporter January 5 learned from relevant departments, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce files, Ningxia has adjusted the standard car trade subsidies, subsidies provide the highest standard to 1.8 million, has been receiving subsidies to the owners of the original standard is now available for replacement

The difference.

December 28 last year, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce jointly issued a document of a car trade-in allowances, allowances from the original 3000-6000 yuan adjusted to 5000 to 18,000 yuan. Financial reporter yesterday called autonomous

Hall, relevant officials said, Ningxia in strict accordance with the new national standards, local business, finance and other departments such subsidies already paid the original owners of car trade-in allowance for confirmation, after confirmation by the financial sector

Subsidies under the new standard for replacement of the subsidies the difference. In addition, the vehicles in terms of years from the date of termination is also adjusted to the date of cancellation will be the vehicle sold to the legally established enterprises of retrieving and dismantling scrapped automobiles specified date


It is understood, Yinchuan Municipal Bureau of Commerce has received five or six owners of the car trade subsidy application for funding, but system-related equipment not filled and no one has received subsidies. Bureau staff told reporters, with the equipment

In place, the Yinchuan City plans to start next week under the new standards to eligible owners of subsidies.

Car trade subsidy standard was raised, it could mobilize the enthusiasm of owners of trade-in? Ningxia take one of retrieving and dismantling scrapped automobiles material distribution in Ningxia person in charge of recycling companies, before the car

High subsidies of 6,000 yuan, many owners subsidy standards too low, preferring to sell the old car for the used car sell do not want to come to receive subsidies, now a substantial increase in subsidy standards, should be able to mobilize the enthusiasm of the owner.