More and more difficult to sell used cars in Ningxia

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Every Saturday and Sunday, our region has the largest second-hand car market trading center in Ningxia have the old motor vehicle used car packed up for sale. However, the Chinese used car market and found the city to visit, although the market Exalted lot, but

Are basically sellers, few buyers, many car dealers have complained that this year more and more difficult to sell used cars.

Zhu, a car service company owner told the Chinese city of used cars, 3 years ago, a 125,000 yuan to buy a new car, second-hand car market is now up to sell 6 million, because of the same brand new car was more than 80,000 yuan at current market prices . "Today

On New car prices are generally low, people who transfer more than the fineness and number of used cars is obvious than in previous years, but sales and prices have always been stagnant. "This year the State in order to stimulate consumption, has issued a series of preferential measures

, Car dealer and a substantial price promotions, combined with a variety of auto show held frequently, a large diversion of public concern about second-hand cars.

Ningxia old motor vehicle, according to center director often introduced since the Spring Festival, the center brings together second-hand cars is at least double the same period last year, up to the time, there are nearly 2,000 cars, more than 80% of people are changing down in Ningxia

Second-hand car. Despite doubling the stock of used cars, sales increased by only 20%.

Another industry source said the market now to buy a car used car buyers in Yinchuan only three people as mainly around the cities and counties to purchase, select models to practical-based, such as off-road vehicles, pickup trucks and passenger two vehicles, but the

Price is much less than last year. Small passenger who was selected second-hand horse master that new car was to be 3 million yuan, he just wants to spend 1.5 million to buy a car good condition second-hand car, usually a relative can take the point of fertilizer or pull on the line. But he

The requirements of the seller's psychological expectations clearly the great differences between the two sides ended without result.