Vehicle Road used car market has become loud noise

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September 16, Yinchuan City, Mr. Zhang Xixia news hotline call the newspaper reflected the Yellow Lu Ningxia Yinchuan Xixia sections of second-hand car market, some sellers will be a large number of vehicles parked in the driveway, as the road motorized vehicles and non-motorized Drive mixed, causing traffic jams.

Press Action: Yesterday, a reporter at the scene saw the second-hand car market Yellow Lu Ningxia section of the carriageway has been suspended for more than 100 vehicles of various types of vehicles, in some places, while not stopping the vehicle, but some owners will be two rocks with a rope the space between the enclosed, occupied areas.

According to the Yellow River Road used-car market to the staff, the market area of 50 acres, can accommodate nearly 800 vehicles, as the market access threshold low, so to attract local and some surrounding areas of second-hand car traders, in particular, On the weekends, trading vehicle to reach more than 1,000 vehicles, but the limited market capacity, coupled with some traders that can directly solicit business side of the road rather than enter the market, so the formation of a road used car market.

According to nearby residents introduction, every weekend, more than 1,000 vehicles assembled in the road slow lane, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, buses and other vehicles can only travel in the fast lane, and sometimes the two has become a fast track.

Department response: Xixia Yinchuan Integrated Urban Management, said Zhang Yong, the Secretary of law enforcement, urban management department and traffic police department this side of the road improvement a number of joint law enforcement market, but "in front of the back and restored to their original regulation." Currently, the Xixia government decided to relocate the location of second-hand car market, the project has been included in the Xixia of 20 key projects next year.