How to treat the trap of second-hand car transactions and distress

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Our new car market is rolling forward, seventeen million this year, production and sales was not much suspense. However, when the new car from overwhelming, there are a large number of used cars in the formation of the consumers , A car has been rare case of a lifetime. At the same time as the economic level, the current tide of change is on the rise, many people get started three or four years, and even two or three years the car, we must "horses" of the. So for now, is not only a large number of New Year every year into the market, but also a large number of used cars into the market. Only in developed countries, used cars and new cars are already trading volume was flat, and even used cars Trading volume has exceeded the volume of new cars. However, in many parts of the country, second-hand car trading volume is still far less than one-third of new cars. So for now, can say that many people still do not accept the used car consumer in such a way, which in fact has many social and cultural factors. First, the sale of second-hand cars is, in fact, on many new Hand car users, from their economic conditions and the standard of driving, the car affordable than buying a used car to practice first hand, both affordable, there are very good maneuverability. But the face from the Chinese concept of starting Buy a used car is like a declaration of their economic human very well-off, this option is a last resort. In addition to second-hand car transaction, the reliability of the vehicle origin distrust, has always been beset by many people who want to buy a used car. Because in the past among the second-hand car, causing car, cause damage due to driving the car, Due to quality problems led to the original owner of the car throw, or even with the economic correction sub-problems have been implicated in criminal cases the vehicles are have occurred, and to buy such vehicles, it would really give yourself trouble. Of course, for now, as Beijing's Huaxiang bridge used car market, the Asian Games Village and the new car market next to the used car market, are very large scale, while the vehicle from the identification, testing, pricing, both Has a very standard operating procedures, even as Shanghai GM and other car makers, as well as new car used car specifications 4S specialized stores, allowing consumers to buy used cars, and new car warranty as to enjoy the treatment. From A point of view, the used car to use, it can be with the new car has the same protection. While many second-tier cities, especially the capital city level, second-hand car trading is done very norms. However, a large number of three and three in the following cities and markets, used car trade to speak of the normative. Roadside second-hand car trading market, "dew" market abound. Consumers want to be the source of the vehicle Should be informed, is a very confusing thing. And most of the people in these areas, a used car as in the "Taobao": depends on personal luck. Especially the lack of common sense to use the vehicle for new users , They might buy a used car to add to their worries, too, keeps. Therefore, to enliven the used car, or do large-scale, first in the specification used car transactions, a lot of work to do to make used cars as new car has with good protection. May then again, now very Multi-service car dealer is not high in quality assurance and new car sales service to consumers and how much protection? Second, consumer spending on the concept of second-hand cars as well a further process of change. Because second-hand car when In a lot of very real value of the vehicle, of course, you need a certain amount of identification capabilities. What is also no use second-hand car value plunges yourself, we have a people should be confident of their own future, your personal brand In the overall quality of build your own, but not with this "vehicle card" do not have much relationship. Furthermore, is a national, on second-hand car trading regulations and support measures but also further improved, we are now both big countries new car, but also has become a big country used car, used car's gas consumption has become in the future Car consumption an important part of ingredients. Therefore, the trading of second-hand car, consumers want to change the concept of the functions of the Government and relevant departments, will have to further strengthen the standardization of management of used-car market.