Vehicle condition certification online auctions: new model used cars break dea

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In mid-November in Beijing, have some cold outdoors. Several well-known car in the used car market in the trading range, one a "second-hand car brokers" row upon row. Once slowly into a car, someone will saunter over Chuaizhuo hand asked: "You are to be selling cars?" This scenario is common. The next place is, the owner of your vehicle in second-hand car inspection and valuation of brokerage firms, brokerage firms around knock around the car to see, given the purchase price. If the price is lower than the owner of the psychological expectations, then both sides will open playing the "war of words" consultation. "Not sure, always felt second-hand car brokers 忽悠 us keep the prices down, but they do not understand our own car." During the interview, many owners want to buy and sell used vehicles, expressed to this reporter the integrity of the used car transaction concern. Owners of second-hand car trading concerns about the integrity of two aspects, one vehicle in their quality of information is not accurate information, the second is the accurate knowledge of the vehicle under the premise of quality information, how to ensure reasonable prices of second-hand car trading. In fact, this is China's second-hand car trading has been suspended while the hard problems, "so many brokerage firms, as well as 4S shop, a test evaluation criteria of a project varies, tightness, is the second-hand car market chaos the root causes of lack of integrity. "whether selling cars or car, consumers do not mind at ease. Market trading environment is not optimistic, but the used car market to shift to usher in a node: According to the China Automobile Dealers Association predicted that consumer demand in the promotion of ,2010-2012, China's second-hand car market is expected to appear for the first time a "blowout" market The market scale reached 400 million -420 million of the new level. In a complex market environment, the reporter recently interviewed found that in the Beijing market, used car industry pioneer has been some move to break this impasse: "Certified + used cars vehicle speed Internet auction platform," a combination of boxing, perhaps we can become the norm used car market in the development of a new beginning. Beijing North Star Asian Games Village Automobile Exchange Market Tsai, vice president of seafarers in the Asia market information at the briefing, they are doing a "sub-city certified used cars" of the sample point, to be adopted by this attempt to solve the dual second-hand car market problem: The used car quality testing to ensure that the used car trade entry no major accidents, no serious delays at the end, no frame number abnormalities; auction platform through the network to ensure the transaction price is relatively reasonable. In addition, if the vehicle does not match with the certification content, customers will also be returned unconditionally. It is reported that earlier this month the business began "testing the waters." Used cars certified vehicle in technical support, from the peak of a technology company called R & D of the vehicle speed detection system first. Jian Yang Xue head of the company told this reporter, this inspection system, called 268V, the test contains basic information about the vehicle, accident investigation, comprehensive vehicle condition check (including body surface, visible parts, tires, car parts, engines, electronic control unit), covering 241 professional testing programs. Detected by the realization of fixed-point data acquisition and analysis, test results clear grade, will be fully and accurately present the history of used car and quality of the accident, complete the entire testing process takes about 20 minutes. Vehicle in a test carried out with the car owners to come, told reporters that in his view, through the detection system of the vehicle in which to assess the way the naked eye than the previous car pricing, more professional and credible, "This there is a kind of test data, a standard, "the owner said he had a number of brokerage firms with a car Qing had estimated price, but the company did not detail the specific Chekuang just informed him the vehicle," how much money you can sell them "a lot of price difference between different companies. The detection system to detect a professional, one man operation to avoid subjective factors, the quality of identification results will not vary the operator; Second, the system comes with a feature that the vehicle condition and the consolidated database the latest market information, to the owners a reasonable valuation. "So that we not only know the quality of the car situation has also been the end for the price" for an individual owner, whether it is to sell or buy second-hand cars, open and transparent information is undoubtedly very important. Complete the evaluation session, the sale of used cars all the information will be uploaded to a "car easy to shoot," the network of e-commerce platform, the buyer can in half an hour online auction. "If successful, from the vehicle entrance to the determination of the transaction, only an hour at a reasonable price you can buy / sell a used car", car easy to shoot the staff. This reporter learned that, at present, this new model is mainly second-hand car trading C2B, the future will also have a variety of on-line trading patterns.