From Shanghai to Hangzhou stroll takes you a good place to buy used cars

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Now, buy more and more people used cars, but there are a few people know that second-hand car market in east China, respectively, where it? Xiao Bian gave us a presentation today in east China the major used-car market as well as some high-quality second-hand car showroom location. Let me talk about Shanghai's bar, buy a used car in Shanghai, have to say is located in the downtown areas of Shanghai Zhongshan North Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, 2907 issue of the old motor vehicle market, this market is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brilliance company, established 97 years, close to Zhongshan North Road, Inner Ring Road, Metro Line 3,4 Caoyang Road Station 5 minute walk down the convenient transportation. 13 years, has been put quality first, within the peer has a good reputation. Old motor vehicle market in Shanghai four centimeters from top to bottom, show the vehicle up to 800 vehicles, is Shanghai's largest used-car market, the market has a large number of domestic and imported luxury cars and a small amount of ordinary passenger cars. Can be said that the old motor vehicle market in Shanghai is Shanghai to buy a used car have to go. Then sell to you recommend a luxury car showroom, used car showroom Shanghai Jin super close to Shanghai old motor vehicle market, mainly engaged in high-end models, the exhibition hall with the amount of imported luxury cars, used car showroom Shanghai Jin super sub 2 floors up and down, up to 200 vehicles in the sale, if you feel you need a decent car, you can go and see, while gold over the sale of the vehicle information network in the first car has been displayed in the shop. Then in Hangzhou, Hangzhou's largest used-car market in Hangzhou City District, No. 589 Shi Xiang Road, Hangzhou, old motor vehicle market, the market gave me the feeling that "big ah" than football fields, and the entry to the market Although only discovered after the market within two, but full of vehicles sold over a thousand units, the market is now more popular models on the market, there are cars, but also part of the passenger cars, Hangzhou is a rather famous second-hand car brokers companies within this market booth, Ltd. Zhejiang Aika used car business, good old motor vehicle brokers Forest Co., Ltd., Portfield fine car dealers, Hangzhou Song Xiong replacement vehicle operators Co., Ltd. with the brokers settle old vehicle And then talk about buying second-hand car market, will go to the Department, that is, the edge of the North Station is located in Hangzhou hundred Eukanuba used car, a hundred excellent card from the end of 2007 has been established for three years, and is mainly engaged in luxury sedan, there are nearly 200 in the sale of vehicles, and assessment of the monthly trading volume of more than 100 the number of times. Always carried a customer oriented philosophy, in Hangzhou has a very good reputation. We recommend this only to Shanghai and Hangzhou, the recommended place to buy used cars in future years, Xiao Bian will run in some cities as many as possible, give us more to some of the trading market and the high quality economic companies. I wish you all a happy car!