Auto renewal reminders at the end of second-hand automobile market change as

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Car trade, the acquisition tax incentives to encourage car to the countryside and other auto policy will end at the end of the year, thus driving up the new car market has also accelerated the replacement of used cars the size and speed. One thousand, "06" after the used car market 7 morning, the reporter arrived at Qingdao, Shandong Province, Qingdao Licun River near LI's largest car market second-hand second-hand automobile market, this time more than 50 meters wide and the LI channel lined with five rows of side by side used car market from the East Lee Bridge , has been extended out more than a kilometer. Several cars of BMW, Volkswagen Beetle, Lexus and other luxury car emissions prominent position in the market, and many used cars and new car looks no different. Purchase of a 2006, only 40,000 km mileage BMW 320i attracted the attention of many people, "the car only sell 20 million, has now been bought to offer." Owners Ms Wong said it is too car replacement rate Soon, many people buy a used car is like changing clothes, a car a few years to buy new cars, and now the owner of Qingdao, not lack of such. Reporters on the scene, Vios, Picasso, Mondeo, etc. even in 2006 new car market this year are placed in here. Cui described the marketing manager, used car today, a large collection exceeds more than 1,500 vehicles, of which nearly a thousand years after the car was purchased in 2006. Prospective owners of "hot" option used car Qingdao Municipal Academy of Social Sciences researcher, said calmly, from 2005, the domestic market has been gradually opening up the family car, when the first generation of car owners began to update the car lot now, with the end of this year, car trade, the purchase of tax concessions and car to the countryside and other countries to encourage auto policy over, many people have intended to purchase their cars a second. 13 million purchase of an older Regal 2007, 14 million yuan to buy a newly opened 3 years Mondeo, seven or eight million to buy a brand new Vios, which became the standard number of SMEs and owner selected target. "It is too expensive to buy a new car, booking a car and have to wait a long time, almost all of the cars during the year just to catch a discount, might as well buy a used car driving, I think well." Cars is selected the people Ms. Chen told reporters. Wang said the private entrepreneurs, to the end of the year, their business has some spare cash, you can buy a car charge charge facade, but the Mondeo, Regal easily several hundred million of these cars can not afford to buy their own, it is better buy second-hand "face" car. Used car prices flat to down LI Cui used-car market manager, told reporters, because now more and more used cars into the market, used car prices tended to decline overall, the previous Jetta, Citroen, Santana three generations of the three models in 10 million or less old level of the car, now the price fell by about one to two percent. But many people are still worried that the bottom line on some used cars is very clear, if it is refurbished car accident on the trouble. The Manager, Land and Sea Doo used-car market that is now used car is still a big problem assessment, price and condition assessment are still free to develop, discuss two parties alone, the public still have to shop around to buy a car now. Buick Group as of the new used car manager Li Hongtao Cheng said the car in the election, the average consumer will ignore all auto parts connected joints. He said the challenge to see the vehicle tank car frame and fenders with some of the longitudinal weld, if the spot was protruding shape, roughness of solder joints, then the traces are re-welding. Circuit board edge, such as obvious signs of repair, the judge has a major accident.