Diving License Plate price of second-hand car market yet still strong 40,000

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This month, the Shanghai line auction private car hit a new low price. Yesterday, the reporter visited the Shanghai second-hand car market, some holding "Shanghai" brand of used car owners still waiting to see, purchase of 4.5 million. Yesterday afternoon, this reporter went to Zhongshan North Road used-car market, not into the market to be Cattle stopped. "Do not want to buy a car? Qicheng Xin, an absolute bargain price." Said an cattle. Exhibition hall in the second-hand car, some car owners are ready to talk "license plate prices diving." "1 million yuan, is impossible." A salesman said the license plate purchase is at 4.7 million, owners did not relent, they can not help. License plate or if in the future, car owners still insist on the original price it? Seller said, "This depends on the owner, and if it continues to decline, may be let go."