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Problem 1. What relation is Daimler wears Mu to force company and Mercedes-Benz company? Seem to have a Daimler-Benz company before, how to return a responsibility?


Above all, those who be worth a specification is, the Daimule that this netizen place says company and Mercedes-Benz company are a company actually -- its full name should be Daimule %26#8226; Benz company. This founds the predecessor of the manufacturer of car of German old brand 1926 is the Benz plant that established 1886 and Daimule car plant; Incorporate in 1926 two factories, factory name the name of two author -- Daimule adds up to this Ci of %26#8226; blocking Er and %26#8226; of Ge Teli cloth say to name, namely the Daimler-Benz company that the netizen mentions, and domestic criterion Jian Yi is Benz company.
Be worth what carry is, today, benz company is divided in order to produce high quality, high-powered luxurious car famed outside, the manufacturer home of the famousest coach on it or world and heavy load car.

Problem 2. How is company of that Daimler-Chrysler Dai Ke to return a responsibility?

What need a specification above all is, daimler-Chrysler wears Mu to strap %26#8226; to overcome Laisileji the group is be combined by two car manufacturers that become independent originally and become -- the Daimule that comes from Germany %26#8226; Benz company and the Kelaisile that come from the United States Motor Corporation.

Two Motor Corporation are announcing formally on May 7, 1998 to incorporate (specific for it is Daimule - run quickly the company expands endowment nearly 40 billion dollar bought Kelaisile) established so-called whole world the Daimule of business of production of the 2nd old car - Kelaisile.

Daimule - product of group company model abounds Kelaisile, cover the small car that discharge an amount, luxurious car, racing bike, light-duty commercial vehicle, heavy load in the round car and comfortable model the model such as intercity bus. Subordinate and well-known trademark includes to stride Bach, Meisaidesi - run quickly, Kelaisile, Jeep, Dodge and Smart.
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%26#8226; overcomes the Daimule before fractionation Laisileji is round general situation of banner inferior card
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