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The netizen quizs in forum (click examine primary issue) , do not know family expenses to should choose day words both sides 1.6 still be picture of quote of lucky tiger 3[] 1.8. The focus that this netizen cares is centered in engine power durable sex, maintain on upkeep costs and fuel economy.
Car pictureCar picture

Dynamical comparing goes all out - lucky tiger 3 although motive force is more powerful, engine of wood of Dan Tianyu bell is more durable and dependable

Dynamical contrast is like next watches:
Car picture
Car picture

The parameter in be being expressed on contrast discovers not hard, the advantage power that although the ACTECO engine of lucky tiger 31.8L relies on a quantity,goes up, torque is bigger, but nearly half tons self-prossessed day words both sides is inferior to instead when making it is driving actually agile and rapid. The M16A that at the same time day words carries is engine of bell wood key, on durable dependability, it is better that more congener and own engine wants.

Expenses of fuel economy, maintenance is compared go all out - day words more the province is oily, lucky tiger 3 maintenance more economy

M16A has VVT technology, fuel economy performance is better. According to the netizen's report and actual measurement data, day words both sides 1.6 cities [quote picture] 100 kilometers are integrated oily bad news is 8.5L, and the lucky tiger 31.8L below same situation is 9L - 10L.

But as own car, lucky tiger has definite advantage on the 3 charge that maintain in fittings price and convention, express as follows:

Model / maintain the price (do not contain man-hour) Both sides of day words SX4 Lucky tiger 3