Ao Di A6L raises car cost detailed to solve

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Ao Di A6 is representing Chinese luxurious Che Yizhi alone beautiful times, it is the earliest undertake homebred one of luxurious cars that turn. Ao Di A6 from 1999 homebred since changing, classics of 8 single-page calendar upgrades 5 times, as city of domestic high-grade car turn white-hot competition, the number one position of Ao Di A6 not answer exist, rolled out the A6L of newest money in June 2005 then, acceded the good convention of A6 brand, add passion and the automobile body that use the exterior of feeling, newest technology, costly equipment and interior trim, advanced batholith, high strength and safety, gifted homebred and brand-new Ao Di A6L leads high-grade car city once more, turn up one's nose at the abundant capital of a large number of heroes. The market sales volume of A6L is so good, so does its later period raise a car how? The editor that lets CHE168 will be you in detail the charge raising a car of A6L of analytic Ao Di.

Car picture _A6L of one steam Ao Di
Car picture _A6L of one steam Ao Di

Nearly two years the Ao Di A6L with market best sales volume is the model of 2.4 quantities, so the article basically is the cost using a car of an A6L of introductory Ao Di with 2.4 volumes model.

Car use cost includes fuel expenses of fare of royalities of boat of cost of cost, safe, maintain a road, car, check, maintenance, stop fare, hairdressing to decorate fine of cost, traffic to wait. In the charge of above, raising fare of royalities of boat of travelling expenses, car, check is fixed, difference depends on danger of fuel expenses, car (the choice is planted nearly because of the person different, rate of cost of different insurance company is endless also and additionally same) with upkeep cost, our calculative cost includes:

Royalities of boat of car of cost of maintain a road of expenses of fuel of = of the charge that use a car maintenance expends danger of check fare car.

1, fuel expenses

Fuel expenses is the mainest factor that decides the cost that use a car, 168 editors pass the car bad news calculates the true oil that sums up computational netizen year of average fuel expenses of model of volume of platoon of Ao Di A6L 2.4.

The hand is moved model oily bad news (L/100Km) Road condition Automatic model oily bad news (L/100Km) Road condition