Hand of fine horse nimble is moved model 60 thousand kilometer raises car charge

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Fine horse nimble won many customer with its ample space and low price, the fixed position of its home litter also makes fine horse nimble is mixed in configuration practical on more close civilian, but regard a home as litter, economy is the factor that must consider, a lot of netizens pay close attention to the oily bad news of the person of outstanding talent very much, and the oily waste time that the hand uses archives version was occupied among them larger proportion. CHE168 is moved to the 1.6 hands of fine horse nimble block and 1.8 hands moved the circumstance of oily bad news that block to make collect and investigation, also made upkeep cost pool. The cost raising a car of fine horse nimble sees together below:

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Car picture: Nimble of fine horse of _ of China morning China

Oily bad news:
Will watch the show of oily bad news of 1.6MT first:
What above all a bit want to say is, oily bad news depends on greatly of the individual drive habit and technical level, want nurturance to drive goodly only habit, can reduce oily cost effectively.

1.6 hands move fine horse nimble statistic of oily bad news
Model L/ of oily bad news every 100 kilometers Road condition
CHE168 netizen 1.6MT of fine horse nimble 7.0 Integrated
CHE168 netizen 1.6MT of fine horse nimble 12.0 Integrated
CHE168 netizen 1.6MT of fine horse nimble 11.5 The urban district